John Nash Mind Schizophrenia Movie Analysis

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I believe that the movie helps paint a picture of the schizophrenia that John Nash suffered from. The signs that John Nash has schizophrenia were portray till later in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, the viewer was still painting a picture of what illness John Nash has. I believe that the beginning of the movie helps the viewer to introduce several key factors of schizophrenia. Overall, the movie correctly shows the hallucination that John Nash has of Charles Herman and his niece Marcee as well as William Parcher. These hallucinations portray what it is like to struggle with schizophrenia. It also correctly shows the delusions that John Nash experienced when he thought that the Russians are following him and trying to kill him…show more content…
In addition, the film correctly portrays how the side effects of medications can make a person feels and what happen when they relapse after stop taking the medication due to the side effects. The medications that people take for schizophrenia affect how they feel and think. This shows that a lot more research needs to be conducted in order to better understand schizophrenia in order to prevent more relapses. The most powerful scene in the movie was when John Nash realized that he wants to deal with his illness on his own because he does not like the medications. This is not something that we see every day with patients who suffer from schizophrenia or other mental illnesses. It is sometimes hard for a person to deal with a mental illness by himself or herself without medication or psychotherapy. John Nash was able to ignore his schizophrenia even though there were present. Part of the reason why he was able to deal with the schizophrenia was because he has positive supports. John’s wife and his colleagues were all very supportive towards him and they gave him the strength to live his life functionally and fully.
Social workers role
Social workers play an important role in delivering care coordination, “assisting clients in communicating with the treatment team, overcoming environmental barriers, and obtaining supportive services, as well as with general advocacy” (Gale, 2016). Social worker can assist by evaluating psychotropic medications to monitor medication
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