John O ' Sulliv Manifest Destiny

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Americans wanted to head west, this mindset was given the name of “Manifest Destiny” by John O’Sullivan. Manifest Destiny was a term that was prevalent during the 19th century. It expressed the belief that America’s mission was to expand their civilization across North America; this expansion would create liberty and economic progress through territorial gain. President Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, all collectively believed in the Jeffersonian’s mindset, these presidents encouraged such movement; they actively thought that it was best for the United States to expand coast to coast. This expansion created a cultural war. Manifest destiny affected the United States’ relationship with others such as Mexico and the Amerindian Indians because of the way they treated these individuals to gain land from them.
Even though the United States made a lot of mistakes due to their beliefs in the manifest destiny, it helped the United States become an emerging world power. It helped expand and create jobs in the west. People used the Oregon Trail to move west and find a better living. Manifest destiny helped California become one of the most populous states after the gain of California as a state, due to everyone moving there because of the gold. The main positive effect of America 's belief in manifest destiny is that was that America gained more land and was able to help bring America to the greatness that it is today.
The problem with manifest destiny was that the Americans believed
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