John Of Gaunt Research Paper

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John of Gaunt was born in 1340 during a time of great strife, to King Edward III of England and his wife, Phillippa (Walker). He was raised “in the household of his elder brother, Edward, Prince of Wales, and introduced into military life quite early (Walker). He was brought up as a prince should be as well as being groomed as a military man quite early in life well. His first sign of nobility, besides his multiple titles, was his investiture as a “knight of the Garter in April 1361” (Walker). Shortly after this appointment, he married Blanche of Lancaster, a wealthy heiress of another English nobleman. This fact is important because it connects Geoffrey Chaucer to his rich patron, John of Gaunt, and Blanche’s death would play an important…show more content…
His marriage had granted him considerable amounts of land, and he inherited the prestigious title Duke of Lancaster when his father-in-law died (Walker). Blanche of Lancaster died in 1369 (Buescher), leaving Gaunt to marry his second wife, Constance of Castile. She was the daughter of King Pedro of Spain, making her a princess in her own right. Upon their marriage, Gaunt became King of Castile and Leon (Buescher). After these two marriages, Gaunt found himself even more rich and powerful. After recognizing the failing health of his father, the king, and his brother, the Prince of Wales, he was made “the king’s captain and lieutenant” (Marks). After his father and brother died, his 11-year-old nephew, Richard, took the throne of England (Marks). Through this, he again had immense power and strength behind the crown. After his son deposed Richard II, John became even more powerful, now the father of the King of England. He proved to be an excellent military and political force, acting as a “king behind the scenes”, particularly for his young nephew Richard II. However, during the English Peasant’s Revolt in 1381, John of Gaunt lost some favor with the English people and his nephew. Gaunt is generally regarded as the person “common people chiefly blamed”
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