John Oliver Rhetorical Analysis

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Using Theories to Assess & Improve Messaging: John Oliver and the New York Yankees Analyzing communication messages through late-night shows varies. Mixing humor with specific news stories provides an interesting message, depending on the audience. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver uses specific news segments and analyzes it through the use of extensive research and humor. This includes his segment on the New York Yankees, where he makes it very clear which position he is taking on the issue. This segment dives into the elitist practices of the Yankees organization, which include not allowing fans to print out tickets at home and opening the elite Legends Club with expensive premium seats. Through the use of effective theories and…show more content…
The winners of Oliver’s ticket giveaway wore costumes like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, unicorns and sharks. When compared to the negative audience response toward Lonn Trost, the response toward John Oliver’s offer is extremely positive, and resonates with the audience as a result. In order to make Oliver’s use of pathos effective is to have effective uses of logos and ethos. However, Oliver relies more on logos than ethos in this segment. In each of his shows, Oliver backs up his claims by showing studies and news stories relating back to his argument. His segment on the New York Yankees is no different, as he uses a variety of different sources. For example, when explaining the Yankees “elitist” policies, Oliver shows a commercial for the New York Yankees Legends Club, which is for wealthy season ticket holders. By using this source, he backs up his claim on how elitist the Yankees are when compared to other sports teams. Oliver’s use of the three artistic proofs was overall very effective and funny, which is especially important towards his audience. The show’s media spectrum falls mainly on the Internet, where about 94% of Oliver’s demographic watches his show, while the audience 's’ top interests are entertainment, media, famous people and societal issues. When looking at audience demographics, John Oliver is generally doing an excellent job of using an argument to persuade his
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