John Oliver Sexual Activities

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I agree with the host of the TV show. Sexual intercourse isn’t an act that should be looked down upon or against. It is human nature to have intercourse with one another, which is why I believe and support the ideas that John Oliver is trying to get across on his TV show. Growing up I attended catholic school grades kindergarten through twelfth. This is a prime example of the teaching of sexual abstinence. In the sexual education classes I received through this time period there was no basic or standard teaching to us. I can remember when I was first presented the material in 8th grade, the teacher who was teaching the boys in my grade had never taught this class before. This resulted in major disputes for his teachings; he sent home a permission slip to our parents asking if he could teach us students the physical aspects of sexual intercourse along with the basic anatomy as well. In prior years the class had only been taught about the basic human anatomy of the body and that was it. This caused major problem with many of the kids in my class parents. They felt that there was no reason for their kids to have to…show more content…
This class main purpose I felt was to try and solely scare us from having sex. The only topics discussed in this class were about sexually transmitted diseases. I never understand why my high school made this a mandatory class, this class was strictly saying don’t have sex its bad your going to die from disease. The only thing I took away from my four years at that high school was in religion class and that was that sex is a gift and it should come from free consent of both people in the act. I firmly believe this statement. There is a huge responsibility in sex as presented in the video of John Oliver. Instead of teaching and telling kids that sex is bad, why don’t we teach and make them understand the safety and responsibility that sexual intercourse comes
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