John Perry Denial Strategy

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One strategy I witnessed occurred on page 176 in The Merchants of Doubt. John Perry, who was the chief staff officer for the Academy Climate Research Board brought attention to the seemingly obvious concept which is that if doubling CO2 results in devastating ways then why do people just stop their thinking there1? His quote was “If we have a good reason to believe that a 100 percent increase in carbon dioxide will produce significant impacts on climate, then we must have equally good reason to suspect that even the small increase we have already produced may have subtly altered our climate.2” To be perfectly clear, the denial is not what Perry said but rather what he brought attention to. His thoughts on the subject were sensible because we won’t see monumental alterations until we near doubling the levels of CO2…show more content…
Regardless of how visible the changes are presently there are changes occurring constantly. The climate has been changing for decades and that is only what we have scientific data on so the changing could potentially be going on for much longer. The people that favor this denial strategy are simply uncritical thinkers who either don’t want to accept the state of the world and the destination that we are heading or that they have too much financially at stake. Those who are in the latter situation have an ethical dilemma because they should agree with the facts, therefore agreeing with global warming but this would then call for action which for businesses especially will be costly. In our day in age, with our technology, it is difficult to claim you don’t believe in climate change. The acceptance of global warming is scary because it’s the acceptance of the destruction and distortion humans have cause to Earth but even more difficult is the response to the enlightenment. However, that is only half of the
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