John Philip Johnson's An Ordinary Day With Gum

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“An Ordinary Day, with Gum” “Mr. John Philip Johnson aroused with a sour grimace; it was noon. Tossing and turning all night getting sleep to no avail, Mr. Johnson could petrify the entire city with only a miniscule shred of his raw, unrelenting rage. A nightmare identical night after night had kept him up, and it barely allowed him to afford rest. Dressed, he went down to the corner to buy a newspaper and some gum, and there was a clumsy customer in front of Mr. Johnson.The agonizing pain of humiliation enveloped Mr. Johnson, which resulted in him taking action and shoving the man to no longer forgo the pain. Knocking over the newspaper stand, the buffoon unwittingly allowed him to steal gum and a news article without notice. Genuinely…show more content…
Johnson bolted toward the busy streets of New York City and bumped into Mildred Kent and Arthur Adams. “How ironic this must be,” exclaimed Arthur, “that you of all people would run into us!” “This is quite the pleasant surprise; thank you for pairing up Arthur and me, we had a flawless date yesterday,” said Mildred, praising Mr. Johnson. He bellowed,“Back away from me!” “Can’t you see that I’m in a rush to get away from the two of you?!” berated Mr. Johnson as he took his new piece of gum out of his mouth and stuck it to Arthur’s coat. The vast sea of citizens swallowed Mr. Johnson before the consequences of his actions could stick to…show more content…
Johnson. She inquired, “How was your day?” “It was terrible; ordinarily, I didn’t wake up until noon because of that godforsaken nightmare! I accused the couple that moved in several blocks down of robbery, moreover, a different couple I met yesterday tried to bore me with accounts of their date. The cab driver that drove me home agonized me with petty small talk; all in a day’s work,” accounted Mr. Johnson. “Am I required to be rude tomorrow? It makes me feel terrible,” he begged. “Sorry my love, you promised me that I could be nice tomorrow,” Mrs. Johnson said sincerely. “Fine,” droned Mr.
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