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Beliefs in higher powers and dominions . From people with
The driving factor behind the events of The Crucible is the religious instructions that the society of Salem is based upon. The populace of Salem were Puritans. From dusk to dawn they ate, slept, and breathed Christianity. Their science, history, and any other form of education was biblically based. The very book that founded their reality talks of demons, magic, witches, and curses. Puritans were raised under the credence that Satan and his devils wait around every corner, salivating at the opportunity to rip you away from your means of salvation, your savior, and your God. Being associated with such evil, through accusation of witchcraft or general impurities, leads to the out casting and inferiority of both the individual and their associates. Fear of being treated as a lesser human being is enough to terrify anyone in the 21st century, let alone a member of an ignorant, superstitious community in the year 1692. With these facts in mind, it should not surprise us that Abigail chooses/is easily able to shift the consequences of her alleged, supernatural transgressions onto Tituba, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and anybody else in her way. Judge Danforth to John Proctor, “...Do you know...that the entire contention of the state in these trials is that the voice of Heaven speaks
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One of the few examples of positive religiosity in The Crucible is found in Revered Hale, John Proctor, and Elizabeth. John Proctor admits his adultery to Elizabeth, chooses truth and faith over life, acknowledges how he hasn't been a good Christian, and much more. Reverend Hale sees the injustice that the court has brought to Salem, and decides to leave it. He returns By doin Elizabeth’s trust in God helps her to forgive John Proctor and stand against the accusations against herself and the community. The
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