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John Q. Crystal Beere HCS/235 March 16, 2015 Steve Linerode

John Q. John is like many people in the country that have a low income job. He is working a full time job but still doesn’t make enough to afford insurance on his own so he has Medicaid. This limits his options on coverage and who he can go to. He has a condition that needs medical attention, high blood pressure, but because of his insurance he is finding it hard to get the care he needs. Many people have that problem but there are solutions to get the care you need. John lives in a rural area that doesn’t have any primary care doctors that take his insurance. He was able to find two doctors in his area but not a
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Congress was the creator of Medicaid and continues to wield influence by originating and passing legislation to amend the staute(“Home Health Care Management Practice” Aug, 2009). The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS purpose is to guarantee that recipents receive state of the art health care and to support the staes efforts to provide quality and safety. In the CMS si the Center for Medicaid and state operations. They help Medicaid provide safe, effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely and equitable care. The Medicaid Integrity Program is there to eradicate fraud and abuse of Medicaid. These groups along with a variety of other agencies and facilities are there to coordinate and provide care to people with Medicaid. John should be able to get help from one or more of these agencies to make sure he is taken care of properly. They are in place to help people on the program. It might take some time for new policies or offices to be put in place but at least there will be hope for people to get the proper care without having to go out of their way to get it. Conclusion John has a lot of challenges that stand in his way. The area where he lives has limited doctors and he has to see a doctor. He also has to rely on others to get places and they might not always be available. His insurance is another challenge for him since only certain doctors take it and that’s all he can get with his low income job. All these challenges can

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