John Q : The Increasing Price Of Healthcare

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John Q is a movie that discusses a major problem which is the increasing prices of healthcare. It highlights how insurance companies can never tell a client his health defects in order to reduce their expenses, and how they can even turn the client from full-coverage to part-coverage without him knowing. In the movie, this led to heart failure to a child whose parents could not afford the cost of the heart transplant operation. After selling all their possessions, getting donations, and trying every way out, the father resorted to violence and locking up the hospital until his son’s name gets onto the hearts recipients’ list (John Q). Is he a hero? Are people who defy the norm to achieve a great endpoint heroes? Heroes have always been known for their courage, but who said that exploiting people and using their rights as building blocks is courageous? If we live in a world where “the ends justify the means,” we will be living in a jungle where people go around destroying, lying, cheating, or killing if they have a cause. The ends do not justify the means even though the people who consider themselves “heroes” can be seen anywhere today: with you at work, among our children in schools, in sports, in businesses, in the field of medicine. Even some prostitutes consider themselves “heroes”.
Today, we know people who lie in their CVs by including a job or position that they never held, or adding a degree that they never acquired. They know they have what it takes to get the job,…

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