John Quincy Adams Bibliography

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Richard Biggio
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13 October 2017

John Quincy Adams Bibliography John Quincy Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts on July 11 1787. He was the eldest son of former president John Adams and was given a lot of opportunities as a child. In Europe he helped his father by being his secretary and he became an accomplished writer. John became a lawyer after he finished college at Harvard. At just the young age of 26 he was appointed to be the Minister to the Netherlands by george Washington because John had openly supported him on his neutrality policy.The neutrality policy was there because there was high tension between France and Britain. During president Monroe's term in office John Q. Adams served under him as his secretary of state. He helped arrange a joint occupation in the Oregon Country with England. Also during this time as secretary of state he helped craft the monroe Doctrine. As the political tradition the Secretary of state was considered the next president. That way of selecting the next president were stopped in 1834 for a system on a majority vote. John Quincy Adams still became president however it was just he had to actually run for the presidency. When John Q Adams became president there was a controversy due to the circumstances of him being elected. During the election each
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Adams america would probably very different because he helped and produced many documents that make or country much better. Without him we would have no highways and canals connecting the country we also would not have invested time and energy for studying the field of math and science. Since he helped on the Monroe Doctrine the views and opinions shown in the doctrine would be different and rights we have now could be different without him. We also would have had Jackson became the president which could have made or modern day america very different. So gladlynin our past we did have him so we dont have to worry about
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