John Richard Kasich's Fiscal Policy

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John Richard Kasich was born May 13th, 1952. He is the son of Anne and John Kasich. He was born in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He is currently an American politician and also the current governor of Ohio State. Since Kasich made his announcement for running for the presidential election on 2016 he has since given ideas to help further his campaign about the federal budget and also the current debt problem. According to, Kasich was able to balance the federal budget for the first time in Washington. He was the chairman of the U.S House Budget Committee in 1993. He was able to balance the federal budget for the first time in generations and also cut taxes and paying down the national debt also generated a projected $5 trillion surplus. Kasich also has different proposed elements on his fiscal policy, which consists on how he would balance the budget, taxes and more. Kasich has proposed for his fiscal policy that he would reduce government spending to get it under control. He also plans to shrink and dismantle the Washington bureaucracy to also keep spending under control for a longer period of time. He has proposed that he will increase defense spending to restore the military also this will then help keep America safe. According Kasich plans to limit growth of Medicare and Medicaid by reducing spending on it. Also make a lot of freezes on nonmilitary spending. He wants to increase military spending by $102 billion or increase it by 17% between

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