John Robin Williams ' Death

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In August 2014, the world was shocked when the news of Robin Williams’ death was reported by the media. At first, people thought that it was just another hoax; rumors of celebrities dying had been making its rounds on the internet, only to be shut down by the representatives of those celebrities. The world was forced to face the truth when Williams’ family confirmed that he, indeed, had died. Police have confirmed that Williams took his own life by hanging himself in his home. As days passed, reports that Williams was suffering from depression before he took his own life came to light. Many people found it hard to believe since Robin Williams always drove people to tears of laughter and joy. During that time, people cried because of the loss of one of the greatest comedians of all time. Robin Williams is one of the many people who have taken their lives because of depression, which is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in today’s society. Because of this, doctors and scientists have developed ways to battle this illness. One of those ways is using antidepressant medications. Unfortunately, there are people who refuse to take them. Why? Some are afraid to take these medications on fear of being dependent and addicted to them while some people believe that antidepressants are just a waste of money and that they are not actually effective. Some argue that antidepressants make the depression worse and can cause violent behavior. In extreme cases, a few people even

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