John Rolfe 's Impact On America

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Period 2: John Rolfe: John Rolfe influenced America in many ways both economically and socially. Rolfe was known as the person who first successfully cultivated tobacco as a export crop and the first to marry a native American, Pocahontas. He was born on May 6, 1585 by his parents john Rolfe and Dorothy mason. During the time of this birth, Tobacco had grown more and more popular. John saw it as a great way to make business. In 1608 john aboard a ship that was set to sail to Virginia, but the ship was crashed and had led them to be stranded from months. Later he and the other people who were stranded build a new ship and continued their voyage to the new colonies (Virginia). Rolfe was able to get planted tobacco seeds from the West indies that were a little different from the native ones but easy to grow in the colonies. The seeds that he had were a little bit sweeter and not as harsh which grabbed the interest of the Virginia company even though Spain had declared a death penalty to anyone who was selling it to non-spains. Once he had produced enough tobacco from his first shipment to England the price of tobacco shot sky high. John Rolfe paved the road for the development and settlement of the New world. His success also led to be a encouragement for others who wanted to start new business in the New World. When John Rolfe moved to Virginia he met the daughter of Powhatan who was kidnapped by Jamestown settlers, but it never happened. Pocahontas later learned how to
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