John Smith vs John Winthrop

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Jessica Helin Paper 1 U.S. History 1 GEN223 John Smith vs. John Winthrop In the early years of America, there was a great deal of political and religious turmoil occurring in England. People wanted to escape to a place where they wouldn't be outlawed for their independent congregations and personal philosophies that they believed in. Eminent men, like John Smith and John Winthrop, saw America as a great opportunity to start over where they could establish new communities separated and undisturbed by England. They each wrote a proposal to the people of England to recruit them to come and help establish colonies in the New World. Both of these men had very different visions of what America was and what they wanted it to…show more content…
Additionally, he adds that their land is bountiful alluding his readers that it's vital for them take over their land because they will have greater use for it. He goes on to say, 'Six or seven hundred have been the most that have been seen together when they gathered themselves to have surprised Captain Smyth at Pamaunke, having but 15 to withstand the worst of their fury.' By mentioning this, Smith is assuring his readers that they are much stronger than the Native Americans, as it only took 15 settlers to fight off the upward hundreds of them. He tries to make it clear that these people are inferior as well as incapable of the same standards of civilization as white men. Smith adds more to his claim when describes them as, 'inconstant in everything, but what fear constraints them to keep. Crafty, timorous, quick of apprehension and very ingenious. Some are of disposition fearful, some bold, most cautious, all savage.' He goes on to talk, in great depth, about their apparel and how the 'better sort' cover themselves in animal skin, while the rest of the majority cover themselves with grass and leaves. Most of them would additionally adorn themselves with other things, such as beads, copper, feathers, rat tails, snakes, paintings, etc. To the Indians, these were among things that they coveted. But to Smith, he just saw them as trash. Used to the way the colonists dressed, Smith thought the Indians looked barbaric in comparison. John Winthrop had a very

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