John Smithers Case in Leadership

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January 30, 2009 Professor Curry Case # 2: John Smithers Participating Members: CANADY, WR. Response Summary: Group Response to the John Smithers’ Case 1. In the case of Sigtek, was the change to a Six-Sigma Quality program a directed change or an elected change for the company? Does this make a difference in how top management supported change of the organization? Identify at least two instances in the case, which demonstrate the level of support provided by top management. It was definitely a directed change after the dismal first [1st] quarter of 2001, Telwork a $5 billion European organization seized the opportunity to capitalize off a poorly managed company. The direct change was to find acceptable solutions…show more content…
Even though Patricof would not support Smithers and Murphy by allowing them to extend their preparation time, he supported the original time line for implementation. In supporting this time line, we believe it was for political ambition, as one of the group members illustrated. Another example of support would be the training corporate presented to Sigtek’s senior executives and middle managers. Management at best provided no feedback and at worst, appeared to be very confused, according to Smithers account. 2. Identify at least three external factors which affected the Sigtek company as they worked to transition to a Six Sigma Quality program? Briefly describe how each of these factors affected the change effort. Our group realize that is was unfortunately for Sigtek after 1999, and during first part of 2001, their sales dropped more than 30%, to approximately $400 million, and their work force reduced by 20%, 200 employees removed from the company. This was the start of a “Different” beginning for Sigtek. Multiple events prior to 1999, may have led to the business depression of Sigtek, such as the breakup of AT&T. One external factor was the competition Sigtek began facing in 1999, who also able to produce both technology and quality telecommunication products equally as fast and better.
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