John Snow Father Of Epidemiology

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John Snow Father of Epidemiology
Kagney Bryant
Kaplan University
August 29, 2014

John Snow Father of Epidemiology It is said “For his persistent efforts to determine how cholera was spread and for the statistical mapping methods he initiated, John Snow is widely considered to be the Father of [modern] Epidemiology” (David Vachon). The purpose of this paper is to communicate to you who John Snow is and expression to you what he did during his life.
John Snow and the era he lived and worked John Snow was born on March 15, 1813. He was born in a community on North Street in York, England. John Snow was the firstborn of nine kids and his parents were William Snow (1743-1846) and Francis Snow (1789-1860). Snow and his household were raised up on North Street which is beside the River Ouse. The community where Snow was living on was amongst the poorer sections in York, it was furthermore at threat of overflowing from the Ouse River. North Street was considered the poorest areas in the city to be drained from the overflowing river. During most of his early child hood his father worked as a workhand in a coal yard and advanced to a landlord in his later life (David Vachon). When Snow was younger religion was a significant part of the family’s lifecycle. They would grace their presence at the York’s All Saints North Street, an Anglican Church. All nine youngsters had been baptized counting John Snow (David Vachon). Throughout his premature years, John Snow
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