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John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California, a farming community with of about 2500 people. He was the third of four children and the only son of John Ernst and Olive Hamiton Steinbeck. His sisters Beth and Esther were much older than John and he felt closest to Mary, the youngest. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the Salinas Valley, which he later called “the salad bowl of the nation.” John’s mother, Olive, was the daughter of Irish immigrants. She left her parents’ ranch to become a teacher. John remembered his mother as energetic and full of fun. He called his father, in contrast, “a singularly silent man.” Steinbeck’s father, also named John, worked as the treasurer of Monterey County. He had chosen a…show more content…
He would even pay people to hear their stories.      By 1925, Steinbeck had decided he had spent enough time in school. Steinbeck traveled by freighter to New York City,as all good writers did. Steinbeck worked as a brick layer in the construction of Madison Square Garden. John worked as a reporter for the New York American. He got fired because he couldn’t or wouldn’t report facts as he found them--only the poetry or pilosophy he saw in them. New York was a cold, frightening place to him and Steinbeck, deeply discouraged, returned to California.      Steinbeck took a job as a caretaker at a vacation home near Lake Tahoe. He was alone most of the time and became indulged in his writings. He finished writing his first novel in 1928. The book, title “Cup of Gold,” was a historical tale of the pirate Henry Morgan. When the owners of the vacation home found that a pine tree had crashed through their roof, he lost his job--but go one the next day in a trout hatchery. One day a woman named Carol Henning toured the hatchery. Immediately, John was attracted to her. He took her out on a date before she returned to her home in San Francisco. After being fired from his job, Steinbeck promptly moved to San Francisco to be with Carol. “Cup of Gold” was published in 1929. Steinbeck would send his books off to friends to have them type them and correct spelling

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