John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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A Path to Patience
Quest stories are generally seen as physical tests of muscle and endurance. In an archetypal quest, the main character goes on a long and painful voyage, and conquers all fears in order to achieve the goal at the end. Literature describes quests in a slightly different way. Thomas Foster’s “How To Read Literature Like a Professor” describes how a quest has five general parts: a place to go, a person to go there, a reason to go there, challenges along the way, and a deeper meaning to the whole thing. John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” relates to Foster’s words. In the novella, George, the main character, is questing towards owning a farm with his mentally disabled friend, Lennie. The two men are a package deal. Lennie has the physical force, and George has the brains. Even though they should work very well together, George is not exactly kind towards Lennie. Patience is not a concept that George is familiar with, and it is shown throughout the text. In “Of Mice and Men”, George illustrates Thomas Foster’s idea of a mental and physical quest by journeying towards a dream, and in turn learning how to be patient with others.
Two crucial parts of a quest are a place to go, along with a reason to go to the place. Those two things are the kick-starters of the quest, along with somebody to go on the adventure. They are physical aspects of a quest, and they should be given to the reader with no excess thought required. According to Thomas Foster, a quest is…

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