John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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Loneliness is a powerful yet important emotion we experience in our human nature. Without having the need to commit a single action, being on our own reveals our deepest desire to love and to also be loved but whilst the feeling is universality known, not even the strongest of humans can completely avoid which can often bring the feelings of shame and weakness when an individual does admit they are feeling alone and that is what Of Mice and Men showcases as it explores various characters and their paths to adjust to insurmountable loneliness that was faced during The Great Depression. Written by American author, John Steinbeck and inspired by the economic recession during the early 1930’s, Of Mice and Men tells the story two migrant…show more content…
Their intentions of securing a better future for the both of them revolved around a fantasy based dream that was nothing more than a means to escape the economic hardships and surging poverty that constantly faced workers like them. Glorified greatly and continually by one of the stories’ protagonists George Milton, the story’s plot showcased that the dream was unrealistic and irrational as well as making it extremely unlikely for the men to afford even the most basic human rights. The author embeds the symbol of the dream farm that is heavily mentioned by George and Lennie, which later proves that the hope for a sanctuary was nothing more than a mirage, overshadowed by the seductive nature of the dream which lures both the characters and the reader, deceiving them into believing that a paradise where all men are masters of their own lives and have protection from the cruelties of the outside world is possible. The story was heavily influenced by the notorious economic event The Great Depression affecting millions of people during the 1930’s and the complex ideals of The American Dream which shares the tale of George and Lennie, a pair of migrant
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