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Bryann Cervantes AP English IV Mrs. Batey Of Mice and Men To most, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is a revered novel on racial segregation in the United States. This text has been remarkably controversial because of the way it deals with difficult issues regarding race and the American dream; however, despite its disputable history, it is an incredibly important book that is used to study many aspects of race relations in the United States in the early to mid twentieth century, more specifically during the Great Depression. The purpose of this discussion is to look at the reasons why Of Mice and Men has been banned and is currently banned in certain places around the world. Steinbeck’s remarkable work has earned him a…show more content…
During their adjustment to the farm, the co-workers they meet, warn them to be careful because Candy’s son enjoys beating up big people, probably because he is relatively small himself and jealous.(Steinbeck 45-62). During this time, Lennie and George also experience how cruel the real world can be, and realize that even though they are working for basically scraps, they had to settle because their job options were limited. Soon after, Candy’s wife comes looking for him, and Lennie then comments on her beauty to George. George, knowing that this would not end well, quickly reminded Lennie of his previous run in with women and how they were kicked out of the previous city because of it. (Steinbeck 97). George then asks Slim, another ranch worker, if he could have one of his puppies to comfort Lennie because he is getting somber at how the ranch owners are treating him (Steinbeck 101). In some distinct ways, the story “Of Mice and Men” draws parallels to societal problems of that time. For example Candy, the ranch owner, represents the vicious way that which social power can turn into. Steinbeck is an interesting figure in American literary history because he lived through the Great Depression, as well as World War I. This is immensely important in his development as a writer because he saw America at its highest and lowest points.

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