John Steinbeck 's The Great Depression

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The historical masterpiece written by John Steinbeck portrays a story about a humble family who are forced to find jobs during the time of the Great depression. The characters are hopeful, as they pray for a pray for a brighter future. Steinbeck tries to demonstrate the strength of unity, and that working together will triumph anything that is done individually. Rather than sticking to their own beliefs, the characters are modeled by their environment. They have no choice but to seek help to be able to survive in such a devastating time period.
John Steinbeck’s novel has been published back in 1939. It was published the year the Great Depression was put to a close. The Great Depression was an inspiration for Steinbeck. In October 1929,
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She does go through struggles, however, this is kept quiet as she is not much of a sharer. She believes that any situation, no matter the circumstances, can be handled with somewhat of dignity. Last of the major characters is Pa Joad. He is careful and very cheery. He can not handle devastating situations as well as Ma Joad can however. At the end of the novel, he becomes less scared and is committed to protecting his loved ones. Pa Joad has given the role of the family leader to Ma Joad.
There are also minor characters in the book as well. Some are Jim Casy and Rose of Sharon. Jim Casy is an ex-preacher. Casy’s teachings prompt the novel’s by changing the beliefs of the main character Tom. He turns Tom into an activist to better the life of people. Rose of Sharon represents a stereotypical teenage girl. Her morals and purpose is tested when she meets a starving man inside of a barn. Her choice to breastfeed the man shows how much the journey has changed her for the better.
The novel takes place during a time better known as the Dust Bowl. This was during the 1930s time period. The novel starts off in the state of Oklahoma. That is where Tom is released after serving his time in prison. Their property has been taken from them. They were homeless and desperately searching for a Job. They heard good news from their uncle. Soon they packed their things and headed off to California in search of work. The setting
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