John Steinbeck's Dream : The American Dream

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An American Dream, what is it? Everyone has dreams,to achieve something great; but do you think you could really even go through with it? The book Of Mice and men by John Steinbeck shows how the American Dream is not attainable he shows that even your most precious dreams for your future can’t be achieved. Throughout the novel Steinbeck does not support the American Dream, as it is shown in a series of events throughout the novel. In the novel it shows that it can’t be achieved in three ways; first Crooks dream comes to an end when Curley’s wife puts him into his place, second Curley’s wife dreams come to an end when she gets killed, and lastly the dream of Lennie and George living on the farm comes to an end when George makes the decision …show more content…

She even took away her own dream, by getting involved with lennie after she knew what could happen if she let him touch her hair. All of the dreams were crushed by one character. Lastly Lennie and George did not get the dream of living on the farm like they wanted because lennie died. “He pulled the trigger; lennie jarred, then settled forward in the sand; and he lay without quivering” (Steinbeck 117). Lennie and George had a huge dream about living on the farm. George made decision to help his best friend to save him. After the fact is that he died and then they lost the dream of ever living on the farm. In the last chapter is states that lennie died. This is a huge part of the book, because George and lennie had the dream to live on the farm and to live a life where they wouldn’t be judged for the way that they are. This shows that even for best friends Steinbeck does not support the American Dream. Their dream at ever living on the farm is a zero chance, how could George go on and live on a farm after he killed his best friend in order to save him from having a painful death. An American Dream, what is it? For Crooks it was to live a free life without being judged for the color of his skin, For Curley’s wife it was to make it big somewhere, and for lennie and George it was to

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