John Stephenson's Cleft Palate And His Years In Medical School

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According to Leonard T. Furlow’s article, I found it interesting to read about John Stephenson’s cleft palate and his years in medical school to complete the first surgical repair of his own cleft palate, which was successful. Also, I enjoyed reading Stephenson’s thesis statement and how the author explained what was going on during the surgery.
As I continue to read on about the surgery, I learned that there was “no anesthesia, no endotracheal airway, no surgical light (patient sitting upright and surgeon crouching to look up at the palate, his light source a window at his back), no aseptic technique, no suction, no epinephrine, no Dingman, no IVs,” and it was easily detailed enough that I could feel and see how Dr. Roux and Stephenson was
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