John Stewart Self Disclosure

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Openness with other individuals is commonly known as self-disclosure according to John Stewart. Self-disclosure allows you to divulge to another person how you perceive and react to current circumstances. It also allows you to give information about yourself from your past that is significant to an understanding of your perceptions and reactions to the present (Stewart, 2012, 211). If this writer could define self-disclosure it would be something revealed about yourself through nonverbal or verbal communication. It could be as simple as a laugh, a facial expression, or pulling up to a drive-through and giving your order. This writer is not a fan of Facebook, due to the fact that people self-disclosure their personal lives openly to the…show more content…
This type of self-disclose could lead to someone being embarrassed, job termination, or low self-esteem. I can recall a friend of my losing their Job for disclosing their place of employment on Facebook; everyone know that they were on Facebook during work hours including their boss. Stewart shared the characteristics of effective self-disclosure as followed: Self-disclosure focuses on the present not the past, reactions to people and events include feelings as well as facts, self-disclosures have breadth (more topics) and depth (more personal revealing), and self-disclosure needs to be reciprocal. There is also an impact on relationships through self-disclosure; according to Stewart “Healthy relationships are built on self-disclosure” (Stewart, 2012, 211-212). This writer can agree on this statement, due to the fact that this writer has seen marriages and relationships dismantle from one or both parties cannot become close to each or be valued by the other because they cannot reveal…show more content…
This is consider a bridge-building metaphor that leads preacher’s to self-disclosure in revealing the truth about God, which also recreates the process by which God has revealed truth about Himself (Arthurs, 2000). The second one is a situational attribution, which identifies the cause of a disclosure with the context or surroundings in which the disclosure takes place. The third one is an interpersonal attribution, which identifies the relationship between the sender and the receiver as the cause of the disclosure. If the cycle of disclosure goes well, there’s a greater relational intimacy and self-worth, a positive psychological effects like stress reduction, and an increase of feeling social support. Physical health can also be affected by self-disclosure. Studies have shown that accidental death or suicide victim’s spouses who did not disclose information to their friend had more health problems like headaches and weight change. In conclusions, self-disclosure takes you through the process of disclosing personal information as well as learning about others. Self-disclosure increases in breadth and depth as relationships progress, it’s like cutting a cake and discovering the multiple layers and filling that was hid inside. Self-disclosure determine whether or not a relationship is pursued because people tend to engage in social comparison. Self-disclosure involves the
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