What Is The Difference Between The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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Hagel says, “exactly of a fulfillment to get rid of the old was progressive worth dying for.” Revolution is an accepted movement that thing cannot go back to the former way.Revolution is for a change to a political, social, or civilization. Sometimes change can be perfect for a country at that time but later can change state into another revolution. The French Revolution gave birth to the ideological/political. Which help Marx connected political revolution with industrial and economic revolution, which started spreading to all of Europe from England by the mid-1800s. Europe was rapidly transforming from a primarily agricultural society to an urban and modern one. These transformations were disorienting for people because they were feeling nostalgic and did not like the change like the monster in Frankenstein. John Stuart Mill and the ideology of liberalism. It was one of the many ideal options that emerged out of the French Revolution and presented itself to European societies to structure a modern society. We then get nation-state with propaganda, and the economic power that it acquired. Then we are moving to the problem of colonialism and imperialism in the post-World-War-II called Soviet imperialism. Although the effect of revolution, both real and imagined on the course of modern European did show the different idea on how a revolution can take place. Nevertheless, each revolution has the same result of change in the country. Which also starts that fight of whom
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