John Stuart Mill Is A Man Essay

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John Stuart Mill is a man that has been immortalized by the public as both a genius, and a man before his own time. He has made countless contributions to philosophy, ethics, economics, and politics; he was a man not afraid to speak his mind, often to a candour level that become expected of Mill’s works (Browne 274). This frankness became attached to Mill’s, as he was typically swift and cunning in the disablement of opposing views and logical backing of his own. However, because of this, and his often-debated stances, Mill often faced scrutiny over his beliefs, from authors such as Matthew Browne. His opponents were often quick to say how much it pains them to argue against Mill’s point of view. As Browne said, “ To any one who regards the genius and character of Mr. Mill with such serious homage as the writer of these lines, it is a task of peculiar difficulty, and also a considerable pain, to express, and especially to express in public, strong though qualified dissent from his opinions upon an important question” (Browne 273). However, before we indulge into both the greatness and questioning of Mill’s work it is important to understand how this man came to be. I remember one day asking my father why it was that he pushed me so hard and seemed to always expect the best out of me. Upon saying this I saw a softness enter his eyes, one that I had seen before, but in some way one that made me feel sadden as I suddenly saw the age enter his face. I knew he was going to say
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