John Stuart Mill's Work

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John Stuart Mill’s work provides a valuable insight to the issue of medicine that harm people in the classical utilitarian. Many people consider that prescription for medical marijuana as a moral sin or something that should be given to help the patients to improve his/her bad condition. As a majority of people and federal consider prescription for medical marijuana is immoral and it is restricted in many states including Texas. In the section on liberty, John Stuart Mill introduces the harm principle. Mill believes that “The only legitimate ground for social coercion is to prevent someone from doing harm to others”. (John Stuart Mill handout, Principle 1). It means that everyone should have their own individual liberty to think as they satisfy unless their actions or decisions may not cause harm to others. I am cancer patients, in first stage. Doctor can cure my disease; doctor gave prescription for medical marijuana. However, I live in a Texas, where medicine is legal but federal government do not give permission to use medical marijuana, which is somewhat unfair to me and other cancer patients. Here people are minority group and majority people do not to listens minority group. Federal government has a reason behind to make Marijuana medicine illegal but according to Mill, if that medicine does not harm others and helpful to cancer patients, then it should not be illegal. Mills also believe that a person should be given the freedom to form
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