John The Savage Exile

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John the Savage is an intriguing character to say the least, with an even more intriguing background. Son of the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning in a “new world” that he has only heard stories about, living on a secluded reservation that is unknown to the rest of the world, merely trying to fit in with the other natives. He’s been seen as an outcast practically since birth and doesn’t understand why. Once he is invited to the “new world”, he experiences exile and seems to enjoy it, until he realizes how different it his from his home.
“O brave new world that has such people in it. Let’s start at once” (Huxley 139). It’s evident John was rather excited about this journey and not in the least bit concerned with leaving his homeland. As stated before, John has experienced his own sense of exile from a very early age. “Alone, always alone,” he told Bernard. “Do you know, they shut me out of absolutely everything?” (Huxley 137) He was hurt from all of the years of being left out, and saw this as an opportunity for change. Upon arrival, and after falling on his knees before his father, “...all upper caste London was wild to see this delicious creature…” (Huxley 153). He was seen as a celebrity to all of London simply because he was the Director's son. This abrupt fame provided John with a sense of importance that he had longed for, for his whole life. He was actually liked and wanted, especially By Lenina. “I shall be seeing him, talking to him, telling him...that I like
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