John Tosh 's ' A Man 's Place : Masculinity And The Middle Class Home

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John Tosh’s ‘‘A Man 's Place: Masculinity and the Middle-Class Home in Victorian England’’, published in 1999 is an important contribution to the study of gender history, particularly within the Victorian period. His study of the connection between masculinity and domesticity, an area very much overlooked, helps to provide a balanced view on the role of gender in Victorian England. There has been a lot of study into the female experience of the transition from the private sphere into the public sphere. However, the impact of domesticity on men, their roles in the private sphere and the separation from the private sphere, is an area often neglected by historians. Tosh looks to argue that the private sphere and the realms of the home, played a large role, and to some extent even determined masculinity. His book is structured very well into an introduction and three sections, in chronological order: part one entitled ‘Preconditions’, ‘part two, ‘The Climax of domesticity, c. 1830-1880’ and part three, ‘Domesticity under strain, c. 1870-1900’, which each section further sub-divided. The book has a clear, almost chronological structure, with a wide range of useful evidence. This makes Tosh’s work very informative, an easy and fun read. Tosh provides us with a very significant addition to the history of gender, masculinity, as well as domesticity in the nineteenth century.
The most interesting and highly innovative part within the book is Part Two: The Climax of domesticity, c.…
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