John Tyree : A Black Man Who Serves As A Soldier

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John Tyree is a young man who serves as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. John is from Wilmington, North Carolina, which is a popular tourist town with the largest port in the state. He is tall and muscular with short brown hair, tattoos, and brown eyes. John speaks with the politeness of a true southern gentleman. His speech can be described as reserved, though he does speak from the heart when he feels it is necessary. John is a Christian, but also believes in fate and luck. He was baptized as a child, but has not attended church in a few years. John’s mother abandoned him when he was a small child. His father, who raised John alone, is a man of few words who prefers coin collection over socializing John is protective of people that are close to him. “You fight for your friend, to keep him alive, and he fights for you…” (19). He shows to have a strong bond with his squad as they face the rage of war and fierce training. They have intense loyalty towards one another. If one gets injured or killed, they all are affected dramatically. John takes protecting his squad as a sense of duty. “…I was the crusty old sergeant, the one who claimed to want nothing more than to ensure that they got back to their moms in one piece. I would do what it took to keep them safe” (194). He wants to keep the newbies safe as they witness the hardships of war. It shows that he cares for each individual so much that he would do absolutely anything to protect them and get them home safely to

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