John V. Novices : The Middle Class Collapses And The Novices Essay

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John V Novices to wannabes & clueless dreamers As the middle class collapses and the novices, wannabes and clueless continue their fruitless search for personal fame and fortune; the reasons it isn’t happening. ‘Moving the goalposts and ring-fencing best practices in attracting situations, that covers 100% of the bases in leveraging a vision from the end-user perspective. Raising the bar and providing win-win deliverables. An outstanding results-orientated strategist and visionary guru, corporate athlete and dynamic team player, continually raising profits by 300%’ The Novices In the biggest recession in living memory, with stagnating world economies and mass unemployment, let’s look a brief but serious look at reality and some unpalatable facts to prepare mentally for what lies ahead. 1. In the US, with a population of 320 million and a working wealth creating population of around 120 million, with 47 million on food stamps (an estimated increase of 27% since 2008), the unofficial estimated unemployment figure is 23 - 26%. The variation lies between including people as unemployed and ignoring those, ‘not in the labour force’, which is where the skewed figure of 4.7% comes from. Using the same semantics, Britain changed the term unemployed to job seekers in 1996, lowered unemployment at a stroke, yet left a nation of millions seeking work and by the same method, produced an amazingly near equal 4.9% of officially unemployed as America. 2. "[…] the economy is doing great

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