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How John Watkins Saved $2,000 On His Kitchen Remodel … and Got a Better Interest Rate You understand how stressful any type of home improvement project can be. It isn’t just the budget, or even the style, and finding the perfect contractor. Finding the proper financing can be the biggest pain of them all. You find yourself tempted by the contractors offer of financing your big remodel. It sounds like a great deal, and it’s straightforward and easy. Once you accept, you can get the ball rolling on your big project, and you don’t need to deal with the hassle of checking out other options. But wait… John Watkins had big plans for his kitchen remodel, and he had big decisions to make when it came time to handle the financing. He could choose the offer from the contractor, and at 18 months’ interest free no payment it was an attractive prospect. Or, he could get a better interest rate, and save two thousand dollars. How on earth did he manage that, you ask? Well John…show more content…
While it may be easy to accept the financing from the contractor, John brushed that off and invested time into finding a third-party financing company that could provide him with the perfect loan for him. The choice is ultimately yours, you can take the “easy” way out and accept the financing from your home improvement contractor. Or, you can get an even better interest rate, all while saving money… how? Just by looking at some of the incredible offers that third-party financing companies have to show you. Whether you have excellent credit, good credit, fair or poor credit, there is a finance company that caters to you and can offer you a variety of loans, that will cater to your budget, fit your needs, and save you from paying that heinous merchant fee. John took our advice, got a better interest rate, and saved $2,000. John is smart. Be like
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