John Wayne Gacy : A Serial Killer

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“Even a clown can get away with murder.”. Most people believe that all serial killers are born this way, but I’m here to prove that wrong. I believe that people aren't born that way , it's all about the environment or how they're treated during their childhood. My serial killer Mr. John Wayne Gacy from suffering from a terrible childhood,and an abusive father. He was like every other serial killer; he killed people. However, he did something unique, which earned him the name “ Pogo the Clown”.
Serial killers often grow up in harsh environment. This is the case of John Wayne Gacy. John was born on March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, which he was raised by both of his parents Michael and Christine Gacy. As Gacy was growing up he dad became an alcoholic and began to beat him severely. His father would not have to be persuaded to do anything he would just do it out pure meanness, John could be sound asleep in his bedroom doing nothing and his father would walk into his room and beat him with a razor belt until he turned blue. While he was experiencing the beatings at his home in Chicago one of his family friends took him camping to “clear his mind” off of his dad. The camping trip was just a normal camping trip until something a happen to Gacy that is out of the ordinary. While John was sleeping he was sexually assaulted by the family friend, from that point in his life John wouldn’t ever be the same.
Later on in his life, his dad continued the brutal beatings which
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