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In the early 16 century, Europeans learned about Natives in the Americas through images depicted by early conquerors. Fortunately, we have several first-hand account by a settler who depicts them in paintings by the name of John White. While these accounts have their limitations in terms of accuracy, it is apparent that Europeans tended to view the indigenous peoples as lacking morality but in my opinion John White proves all the speculation wrong.

There was a lot of key things that in my eyes showed that the native americans were in fact sane people one thing being Family/ Gender Relations. John White's view on Native American Morals and values in their society shows he saw them placing a high importance on non-traditional gender roles, as
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John White showed the warriors as being very masculine and the protectors of their village and also of little coats as where to british came in bright red turnouts. Also John white depicted the warriors as the providers of the village were in one painting it shows them fishing to provide fish for food for the village

Also another thing european settlers viewed natives as savages and not being civilized is in how they functioned in their daily life. In my opinion John White trumps these allegations to prove it i found a few things. In one painting John White showed the indians as sharers when he paints a man and women sharing their meal together as one. Another way he trumped it was he showed them hunting for their food in painting where it shows them hunting for fish to provide as one group striving for same goal
One last thing that that settlers definitely believed the natives did lack in wqs religion which in fact was the complete opposite in my eyes. In one painting John White showed the villagers as joining as one at a ritual fire to worship their gods and not being savages as the europeans set them out to be . One huge thing was John White showed the villagers as a sane community by showing them coming together to speak highly of their god while dancing, singing, etc. very much like what we still do today in most
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