John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was a great president. He helped the county become one, and so much more. Abraham Lincoln was possibly the best at what he did, until the assassination.( Abraham Lincoln Assassination). Abraham Lincoln, a beloved and hated president of the United States, was assassinated.
Before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated the things he did were great. He ended the civil war, was planning to build more since the damage of the civil war. He did away with slavery which was a big deal. Abraham Lincoln thought it would be smart to take a day off and go to a play at ford’s theatre. The play Lincoln was attending was “Our American Cousin” Starring Laura Keene.(Michael Burgan) He thought since the amount of work he did he deserved a break and attended the play. Lincoln didn’t mind slavery he just didn’t want it. Lincoln knew after Lee surrendered, there was still a lot to do.( Michael Burgan)
Booth was born in 1838. Booth heard about Lincoln attending the play and knew it was his chance. Booths original plan was just to kidnap Lincoln and trade him for prisoners of the war. Booth got his people helping with the assassination together and talked about their jobs. Each person had a job to go through with.(Paul Angle). George Atzerodt was supposed to kill vice president Andrew Johnson, but didn’t follow through with it. Lewis Powell was supposed to kill secretary of state William Seward, Powell stabbed Seward multiple times but it didn’t kill him. John Wilkes Booth was to Kill

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