John von Newman's Impact to Computer Technology

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Introduction Computers and its technology within the last century have progressed very rapidly and have become a way of life for practically everyone. For the most of us, especially for us Americans we use them to play games, pay bills, educate our children or communicate with family and friends via social networking like Facebook and Twitter. The PC has become an essential major component in nearly every aspect of our modern day lives. However, just like a television or cell phone, many people do not comprehend the internal guts that process and store the data we input. From a computer architect designer point of view, it is critical to understand the design and function of the arithmetic logic unit by von Neumann. The architecture of the PC is dependent on both the software and the hardware, however the bare basics of this technology is acknowledged by some vital ideas that have roots within the von Neumann architecture and because of this, not one component of the PC would be able to function or communicate with other components inside the machine. Discussion John von Neumann’s impact to computer technology and is has many influences within numerous different areas. However, the possible and utmost inspiration, when speaking about computer architecture was the stored program concept. Previous to Mr. Neumann’s concepts, computers where used for a specific purpose and they were only capable of carrying out specific tasks. Between the mid 1940’s John von Neumann

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