Johnny And Yumay: A Short Story

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Mavis Alder is tending bar. She doesn’t like tending bar, but she has a pretty face that’s good for tips, is a good listener, and enjoys making cocktails. She really just hates drunk people. Fortunately for Mavis, the bar is sparsely packed tonight. There are the regulars; Johnny and Yumay, two good friends who come to the bar every wednesday to drink, complain about their lives, and attempt to pick up Mavis. There is a depressed looking man in a tuxedo sitting at the end of the bar, staring hopelessly into his drink, and sitting next to him is a tall dark skinned man in a muscle shirt, a jacket, and some jeans. About 30 minutes ago he had come in and sat next to the tuxedoed man who, for whatever reason, seemed to had lost all hope in humanity.…show more content…
“Get the fuck out of my bar.”
“Yes. You have your man, you can do your business elsewhere. Please don’t come back or I’ll be forced to take more serious action.”
“Fuckin A, this always happens.”
James stood up and dropped a small sack on the table. He pulled a small pistol out of the inner lining of his jacket and pressed it against Zharor’s back.
“Let’s go, buddy, guess you won’t be able to finish that drink after all.” Zharor looked even more distraught. A look of anger crossed his face. In a flash, Zharor grabbed a glass off the bar and swung it at James, who promptly dodged the attack, then in a motion as fluid as his dodge, James pointed his gun at Zharor’s face and put his hand on the Crodan’s throat.
“We are leaving, and you are going to die. If you piss me off anymore I’ll make it painful.” Zharor looked defeated. He dropped the glass. And they walked out. Mavis poured herself a glass of scotch and took a hefty swig. Johnny and Yumay walked up to the bar.
“Was that a fuckin spook?” Yumay said. Yumay was a Kregom. Kregoms are mostly gaseous beings which usually wear sealed suits of armor to keep their form from dispersing in other atmospheres.
“Not just a spook-” Mavis said. “But James fucking
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