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While looking at the life of the popular musicians, Johnny Cash was considered one of the most rebellious artists who ever lived. According to Tunnel & Hamm, Cash was jailed to his so-called attitude (268). However, his music was termed as the seeds of unorganized political rebellion and the reason was because of his sharp criticism to political agendas in the United States. Another reason was because he was an Indian which came out as a threat to Americans who at the time did not overlook his race in any way (269). Johnny Cash’s interference with private and public politics made him becoming an activist, not just a musician.
Cash developed his own unique artistic ways of expressing himself by engaging his music with politics. Even though he
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For example, there was this one time when his father took Cash’s puppies and put them in a box together with rocks then later throwing them into the river making Cash watch as they drowned. Cash further stated that his father also shot the dog that had given birth to the puppies, (Tunnel& Hamm, 2009. Pp. 272). This implies and shows how Johnny Cash used his life experience to create a productive and meaningful life to himself and others who felt an impact through his music. Therefore, in general country music has motivated artists such as Johnny Cash into engaging both in music and politics at the same time and having an influence on other people’s lives and change them for the better. The evidence is how even Johnny Cash was jailed to his political engagement but never quit since he went on to fight for social justice even after he was released from jail, (Tunnel & Hamm, 2009. Pp. 270). This shows that in the music industry and his own personal life, there were cultural biases that affected musicians in some negative manner. Another example is Johnny Cash was jailed due to his expression of politics through country music. They were not allowed to stand against what they did not believe in and express it through

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