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Johnny Cash was born J.R. Cash on February 26, 1932 to Ray and Carrie Rivers Cash. Cash moved to at the age of three and grew up in Dyess,Arkansas on a 20 acre cotton farm where he worked beside his family. He had very little education. As a child, John was very close with his older brother Jack. Jack died in May 1944 of a fatal saw mill injury where he was pulled into the saw head. Jack had suffered over a week before he died. Johnny had horrible guilt he felt from this incident. Cash said that he was looking forward seeing his brother in heaven. His music influences were traditional Irish music and gospel hymns. At the age of 12,he began writing songs and learned how to the guitar. As a teenager, he would sing on a local radio. In 1950 he enlisted into the US Air Force. Johnny was not allowed to use initials as his name, he changed his name to John R. Cash. While he was in Air Force training, he met his first wife Vivian Liberto at a roller rink. They had only dated three weeks before he was deployed for three years in Germany. While in the Air Force, Cash was a morse code intercept operator for Soviet transmissions. While he was overseas he made his first band “The Landsberg Barbarians” and wrote “Folsom Prison Blues” in Germany. In 1954, Johnny and his wife moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he worked selling appliances as he studied to be a radio announcer. Cash and the Tennessee Two (Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant) would practice at night. Johnny finally…

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