Johnny Cash Research Paper

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Britton Copley
Mrs. Nicholson
American Literature- Pre AP
4 January 2013
From a Ring of Fire to a Man in Black
Every time Johnny Cash would step out in front of a crowd he would greet his millions of followers with the same line: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. He would be greeted with roars, hollers, and cheers whenever he was seen. Cash influenced a generation and blended music genres to bring the country together. Known as The Man in Black, for it was the only color he would wear after 1957 (Streissguth 80). Cash through his more than 50 year career had thirteen number 1 hits (Macnie). Johnny Cash evolved country music and became a quintessential American hero, admired and adored by millions. Johnny Cash’s inspiration for his music
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If nothing else, just as an astounding example of believing in yourself and following your path," (Toombs). Believing in yourself was something Cash always did. It was his driving force and a major reason he was so popular. Without his rebellious, bashing confidence he would not be the pop culture legend that he is today. Cash was always a symbol of rebellion for many people. Because of his outlaw image he inspired a lot of artists in the Punk-Rock genre. The Man in Black pushed the limits of country music, changing what people expected it to be and diversifying it at the same time. Johnny Cash achieved many accolades in his long, influential life. Debatably the most noteworthy is how he is one of three artists, Elvis, Hank Williams, and Cash, who is a member of both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Becoming a member of both is not an easy feet for any artist. In order to do so one has to be the very best in each style of music. Cash at 48 became the youngest performer to ever be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame (Danker). Kris Kristofferson put it the best way, “You felt like he should've had his face on Mount Rushmore” ( Kristofferson). This view was really how the American public viewed J.C. He was an American hero on par with Presidents or war heroes. He was given as
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