Johnny Gatsby And Johnny Dalley

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How can a quiet and peaceful introvert have anything in common with a reckless and uncivil juvenile delinquent? Johnny Kade and Dally Winston are very different. While Johnny is the peacemaker, Dally is the rule breaker. As Johnny tells Ponyboy to stay unique, Dally tells him to toughen up. Although very different, they are also similar. Johnny and Dally grew up in a dangerous environment. They also mind no importance to their lives. Johnny Kade and Dally Winston share similarities and differences. Johnny and Dally are both brought up with abusive and neglectful parents. At the age of ten, Dally is arrested in New York. It is inferred that Dally despises his parents based on the fact that he never mentions his mother, and only mentions…show more content…
The cops saw this as a threat and shot him down. Likewise, Johnny thinks that the life of others are more important than his own. As the church burned down in Windrixville, Johnny did not think twice before helping the children. Johnny writes to Ponyboy, “Their lives are worth more than mine, they have more to live for” (178). Johnny places more value on the lives of the children than his. He believes that they have a better future than him and more to look forward to. Dally and Johnny believe that their lives are inconsequential. Although these two boys have many similarities, they also have their differences. Johnny is the most law abiding, yet Dally is the least. Dally is considered a juvenile delinquent who takes pride in having a history with the police. He blows off steam by stealing. For example, after Johnny’s death, Dally robs a grocery store to let out his anger. Ponyboy says to Jerry, “‘Greasers. . . . and Dallas has a record with the fuzz a mile long”’(95). Although Dally could correct himself and change from past mistakes, he chooses to continue to commit crime. In Dally’s opinion, being reckless like him is the way to go. On the other hand, Johnny is the gang’s pet who keeps everyone at peace. After Johnny stabs Bob, he chooses to get out of hiding and turn himself in. He prefers to be guilty and go to jail than further involve Ponyboy and Dally in his mess. Johnny says to Dally and Pony, “‘ I ain’t got no record with the fuzz . . .”’ (87). Johnny
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