Johnny Greasers : A Life Accomplishments

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Johnny Cade, the boy who saved a lot of kids from the burning church died in the year of 1965. He was only 16 years old, and he was born March 1, 1949. He saved at least four to five kids in the burning church. He died because he tried to save all the kids from the burning church but he got burnt trying to save all the kids. A piece of the roof caught on fire and fell on his back, his back was really burnt. Johnny has an abusive family and he has both a mom and a dad. His family keeps hitting him and he likes that because he wants to get noticed and that is how he gets noticed. His life accomplishments are being with the Greasers and saving all the kids from the burning church. Saving all those kids from the burning church is a life accomplish because those kids were going to die if he wasn’t going to the burning church to save them. Being with the Greasers is another life accomplish because if he never meant the greasers he would've killed himself or worse. Before he died, he was attacked by a Soc, Johnny almost died after the Soc attacked him but the Greasers came and saved him. That is another reason why being with the Greasers is a life accomplishment because they help you when you need help. Johnny is quiet, but when he needs to talks, he will talk when he is protecting someone. The Greasers don’t scare him because he was attacked by a Soc and every time they scare him, he remembers what happened to him. The Greasers think of Johnny as a lost puppy in a
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