Johnny Juneau's Case Overview

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Case Overview The case revolves around one Johnny Juneau, a 57-year old man who may, in fact, be mentally retarded. Juneau has not held a job since 1978, rarely leaves his rural home, and is somewhat detatched from reality probably never reading daily newspapers or watching the local news; and is thus unfamiliar with inflation, current prices, and changes to local ordinances and laws. On May 10, 2012, Johnny drove into town to barter the swamp creatures he traps for gas and beer. He pulled into the local gas station and saw the sign read $4.42/gallon when he remembered it at $1.40/gallon in 2001. Thinking he would do the owner a favor, Johnny saw a ladder in a nearby house and used it to change the gasoline sign, at the same time leaving the ladder touching an uninsultated part of the store's electric sign. When Johnny tried to trade one of the swamp creatures, a nutria, the ower of the gasoline station/store called authorities because even possessing nutria was now a crime. Johnny was arrested, and as he was being taken away, the ladder's owner showed up wanting to know who had his ladder. When the ladder's owner grabbed the ladder to take it home, he was unfortunately electrocuted. Finally, prior to arresting Johnny, the deputy purchased gas, but demanded it be at the sign's rate of $1.42. Johnny is thus being charged with: Capital murder of the neighbor using the ladder as a weapon Possession of an endangered species (nutria) The theft of gasoline based on the

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