Johnson And Johnson Vs. Johnson

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Introduction: Johnson and Johnson and Actelion have been in the works of creating a merger between both companies since early December of 2016. The merger will help both Johnson and Johnson and Actelion’s revenue and future and present growth rates if the merger goes through. With such a large merger as this one, there is going to be a large debate on whether this is in fact a good idea to merge the two companies. Other health companies are worried that a merger of this size will give Johnson and Johnson a higher leverage and control over the market if this merger goes through. Being myself a user of some of Johnson and Johnson products, I am curious as to how this merger will affect Johnson and Johnson, and what economic effect it will…show more content…
Johnson and Johnson has a bandages line called, Band-Aid, Tylenol medications, Johnson and Johnson baby products, Neutrogena skin and beauty products, clean and clear facial washes, and Acuvue contact lenses to name a few. Johnson and Johnson is also a part of the Dow Jones industrial average, and is listed among the big fortune 500. In 2015 alone Johnson and Johnson worldwide made $70.1 billion in sales alone. Johnson and Johnson is a popular company that many families trust and love. The objective of the company’s market is to maximize profits, to help the shareholders. Johnson and Johnson objective is to lower their prices on their products and limit their need for customization for their manufactured products except maybe for packaging changes. Johnson and Johnson has adopted a new approach early in the 1990s, called a decentralized approach. The approach they believe helped improve their company and the wat things are run. Their purpose in the business is to care for the health and the well-beings of others around the world. Johnson and Johnson has achieved both economics of scale as well as economics of scope. The company’s products are sold in more than 175 countries worldwide and its revenues accumulate to 24.6 billion worldwide. The company also has more than 29,925 internet domains which helps sell their products as well as increase the revenue growth. Actelion is a

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