Johnson And Johnson's Target Markets

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Johnson and Johnson began over 120 years ago by a band of brothers, who had a visionary notion that doctors and nurses should utilize sterile sutures, dressings, and bandages to treat patients’ wounds. Ever since that generation, Johnson and Johnson has supplied products that permit humans to live longer, healthier, and better lives. Johnson and Johnson stretches to more than 265 companies, in 60 countries and employs approximately 125,000 people. In this paper, I will discuss three of Johnson and Johnson’s target markets. Also, I will consider the demographics and marketing strategies that give Johnson and Johnson a competitive advantage,
Johnson and Johnson’s Target Markets
Ethnic Skin Care Market Soft and Even™. Johnson and Johnson’s subsidiary Ambi®, a skin care brand is aiming to drive sales in the ethnic market. The new product line, Soft and Even™, will target the ethnic demographic by marketing the product’s effectiveness in protecting against dry skin, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks. These are all difficulties that trouble people that have a darker complexion.
Furthermore, Euromonitor states, “Ethnic beauty overall is largely an untapped area with ample scope for growth, and as manufacturers gradually wake up to its immense potential, a significant shake-up can be expected” (Penning, 2013). Johnson and Johnson is looking to capitalize on the future growth of the ethnic market. Cosmetics design reports, “The ethnic-specific cosmetics market was
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