Johnson Controls 's Product Distribution North America ( Pdna ) Sales Team

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For the past ten years, Johnson Controls’ Product Distribution North America (PDNA) sales team has been segmented into eight geographic regions that each are responsible for every distribution channel. The results of the research conducted for this organizational development project clearly indicate the necessity to realign Johnson Controls’ resources in order to achieve a more customer face time with the company’s customers in each specific distribution channel. Under the existing regional structure, Johnson Controls’ Account Managers spend a mere 3.8 hours per week in front of customers, conducting sales calls, product training or making joint sales calls with distributor salespeople. Major competitors such as Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Emerson spend between 6.5 and 12.2 face time with customers each week. Reporting on the findings of a seminar, Keegan (2009) conveyed no matter how thorough a company’s research and marketing efforts are, a company’s overall success often boils down to one very critical function: face-to-face sales. Product knowledge, honesty and trustworthiness are important virtues for every salesperson, but a successful salesperson must navigate through a customer’s business to find the ultimate decision maker. Researching a customer’s business, gaining knowledge of their operation, and listening to their needs is critical to the success of every salesperson. After every face-to-face meeting, a salesperson needs to review what

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