Johnson & Johnson Analysis Report Essay

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Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is the world’s second largest and mostly broadly based manufacturer of health care products. The company holds a significant share of the consumer and pharmaceutical markets, and is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of medical treatment and diagnostic devices.

Johnson & Johnson the global American medical devices, pharmaceutical, and consumer package goods manufacturer started when Robert Wood Johnson was inspired by a speech. Robert Johnson then teamed up with his two brothers Edward Mead Johnson and James Wood Johnson to make a line of surgical dressings in the year 1885. A year later, the company rolled out its range of products. Immediately after that year, the company was a legal
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The executive committee of the company is the principal management group of Johnson & Johnson is responsible for the operations. In addition, the executive committee members serve as Worldwide Chairman of Group Operating Committees, which are comprised of managers who represent key operations within, as well as the management. The committees oversee and coordinate the activities of domestic and international companies. The operating management of each company is headed by a Chairman, President, General Manager or Managing Director that reports to a line executive to, a Group Operating Committee.

For the fiscal year 2010, ended December 2010, Johnson & Johnson reported a total revenue of $61.6 billion net earnings of $13.3 billion. In 2009 revenues estimated a total of $61.9 billion. In 2008 revenues were about $63.7 billion. The data reveals that there has been an increase in revenues in 2008.

Johnson & Johnson has interest in a broad spectrum of the health care market and takes a decentralized approach to managing its 250 operating companies and franchises. In the company’s continuing effort to diversify its business and increase profits, Johnson & Johnson is constantly acquiring new companies.

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical - 36% of 2010 Revenue, $7.1 billion net earnings. The pharmaceutical division
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