Johnson & Johnson Case Analysis

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Part I.
Founded in 1886 and represented among the Fortune 500, The Johnson & Johnson company is well-known for being a consumer of packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and an American multinational medical device manufacturing company (SCW, 2013).
The Johnson & Johnson company and the consumer division are both headquartered in New Jersey (SCW, 2013). The Johnson & Johnson company concludes of 250 subsidiary companies and has operations in 57 countries and counting (SCW, 2013). The company’s products are sold in approximately 175 countries (SCW, 2013). During the year of 2008 Johnson & Johnson was noted for the highest worldwide pharmaceutical sales of $24.6 billion (SCW, 2013).
The Johnson & Johnson brand has a large amount of household names like, Acuvue contact lenses, Neutrogena Skin and Beauty Products, Clean and Clear facial wash, Tylenol medications, Band-Aid Bandages line, and Johnson’s baby products (SCW, 2013).
Johnson & Johnson is very notable for working very close with their supply chain partners; the company also makes it their business to make sure that the sourcing of raw materials is able to be maintained.
The Johnson & Johnson company has a very distinct product portfolio, and this is why supply chain organization is one of the company’s greatest concerns. The company is traveling out to seek a lot of different methods on the reduction of its environmental bumps and working with responsible manufacturers and suppliers outside the company.
Johnson & Johnson is
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