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JOHNSON & JOHNSON CASE ANALYSIS Johnson & Johnson is a multi-national company comprised of various operating companies situated all over the world, and the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and high-value diagnostic products and services for the global health care community. General Robert Wood Johnson and his two brothers started a company in 1885 that would eventually help revolutionize the surgical and medical fields with innovative products and services. The products made by the various operating companies affiliated with Johnson & Johnson are summarized as follows: Johnson & Johnson products and services 1. Consumer products These includes products designed to various…show more content…
• There has been little or no sharing of market information between the operating companies; rather in some areas separate J&J operating firms functioned as competitors to each other. • Each of the individual companies has applied their own styles of design and operation of separate IT systems, using different data standards and different operating systems. • Because the separate J&J companies have operated in different nations, they have very little in common in terms of organizational design, standard operating procedures, IT systems and processes and culture and overall organizational culture amongst the various operating companies that fall under the umbrella of the parent company. Key strategies at Johnson & Johnson The following are among the most important strategies employed by J&J: • The Company started as a producer and marketer of dressings for human body wounds. The first strategy was to dominate the market in this market. • Gradual expansion into other product lines, predominantly medical products and services, and also eventually including a significant number of consumer health care products. • To accomplish its consumer product market strategy expand into a wider consumer products market J&J sought out and obtained through acquisition some already successful smaller niche consumer product supply firms, e.g., Neutrogena for skin and hair
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